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Wholesale Vending Machines

Let's face it. New vending equipment costs a whole lot of money. Used vending equipment can have mechanical or electrical problems that eat into the bottom line. What is a small vending operator to do? Look at purchasing wholesale vending machines.

The term wholesale vending machines is a little misleading. It usually refers to machines that are priced well below standard dealer pricing which can sometimes be as much as 50% above true dealer cost. By finding dealers who offer their vending equipment at these lower prices you can save a bundle of money. The dealers also win by doing a greater volume of business (at a lower profit per unit sold).

Buying at a discount also helps you because the machine will pay for itself that much faster. The sooner you're able to pay for the machine, the sooner you're able to start pocketing the lion's share of each vend. Purchasing wholesale vending machines can help you do that.

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