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Water Vending Machines

Ask your grandfather if he'd pay $1.50 for a 20 ounce bottle of water. He'd probably tell you that you were crazy! Well, if you're crazy so are the millions of other Americans who buy bottled water from water vending machines every day.

From Poland Spring to Dasani, water vending machines are popping up everywhere. Appealing to a demographic that shuns soda and other drinks filled with artificial-colors-this and preservatives-that, the bottled water industry has catapulted from supermarket shelves right onto the sidewalk alongside soda and candy machines.

Buying a bottled water vending machine is no different from selecting a soda machine. Keep in mind that almost all water sold in the United States in packaged in plastic bottles so an aluminum can machine will not be suitable. If you're looking for a machine for your workplace, it is likely that a local vendor would be interested in placing one at your location. Check with local vending companies who will point you in the right direction.

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