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Vending Machine Sales

In the market for a new or used vending machine? Your local dealer is a good place to start but there are many other options. Vending machine sales can be complicated so make sure you know what you're looking for (and need) before putting down your hard earned money.

Have you decided what you're going to sell? There are many products sold through vending machines sales including soda, candy, DVDs, medicine, toiletries and much more. It's simply a matter of finding a need in a particular place and meeting it. It's simple supply and demand. People are willing to pay more for something because of the convenience. Master that concept and you can make a fortune in vending!

Start with your local yellow pages and look under “vending machine sales” or other similar heading. You should find at least a few companies in your area that sells machines. Make an appointment to see them in person and let the salesperson use their knowledge of the industry to help you make more informed choices. If you need a used vending machine, your dealer also may have pre-owned inventory or may be able to direct you to local newspapers or swap guides that may offer used machines. You may decide that a new one offers more features than you'll find in the older machines.

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