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Vending Machine Routes

If you're looking to purchase a vending machine route, there are some thing that you should know. First, the majority of people who get involved in the vending business do not make money. That's right. Despite the glossy ads in business opportunity magazines showing money flowing out of the machines like a slot machine jackpot, this is not the case for most who get into the business.

When purchasing any established business, you must do extensive research. Called “due diligence,” this research can save you thousands of dollars (and a great amount of heartache) down the road. Buying a vending machine route is no different. You will need to see complete records to know how much profit (or loss) the business generates. Here is the big question: If the vending machine route is so profitable, why are they selling it? Of course there are many legitimate reasons for selling a business such as poor health or relocation, but make sure it's not because the profits are “drying up.”

You should also talk to customers along the route. Make sure that they are happy with the service that they've received and aren't planning to switch companies or operate machines themselves. You don't want to buy a sinking ship. Vending machine routes can be profitable but it's important that you enter the business with your eyes wide open.

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