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Vending Machine Parts

Although most machines are designed to take years of abuse with little “wear and tear,” sometimes even the best machines break down. Because of their proprietary nature, vending machine parts can sometimes be difficult to find (at least at a reasonable price). By establishing a relationship with a local repair person, you can save time and money.

What brands are out there? Many companies offer vending machine parts for National, Rowe, Dixie Narco, RMI, and GPL machines. By offering a wide selection, they can service large vending operators who may have many types of machines.

What is the most likely part to fail? Many complain about the reliability of coin mechanisms and bill readers. Bill readers especially tend to get dirty and need cleaning. There are several dealers who offer cards specially designed to clean these readers with a minimal amount of hassle. Out of all the vending machine parts, bill readers can sometimes be the most expensive part to repair (or replace).

How much can you expect to pay for quality vending machine parts? Here is the rule of thumb. The older the machine, the more you're likely to pay because the parts become harder to find. Circuit boards especially are prone to a high markup. Some repairs can be so expensive that it is often less expensive to buy an entire used replacement machine than to have it repaired.

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