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Vending Machine Manufacturers

Finding a quality vending machine manufacturer can be a challenge. Most machines are imported and many on the market are junk. It is possible, however, to find a reasonably priced machine that will perform well for several years. Most often it is the coin-op mechanism that fails but this can often be replaced without much hassle.

If you're a consumer or business looking to purchase machines, it's best to look for a dealer or other retailer will be able to sell to you in small quantities. Most vending machine manufacturers will want to sell you machines in larger numbers than most people will want. They prefer to deal with a small number of dealers or distributors to make it easier for them to do business. Some manufacturers will deal directly with the public, however.

There are other disadvantages of dealing directly with vending machine manufacturers. It may not be as easy to return a defective or unwanted machine. Also, dealers and distributors may be willing to finance the purchase. The small savings of buying direct will likely be outweighed by the hassle of having to deal directly with the factory.

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