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Used Vending Machines

Used vending machines are available everywhere and offer a great way to save money. While a new machine can cost several thousand dollars, a used vending machine can cost a fraction of that. By buying used you can stretch your dollars a lot further and expand your vending reach.

Typically with used equipment caveat emptor (Latin for “buyer beware”) applies. While the vast majority of operators take good care of their machines, you could be buying someone else's junk. It's always a good idea to see the machine in person (if possible) or if you're buying over the Internet, try to see as many pictures of the used vending machine as possible. Make sure that the vendor offers at least a thirty day warranty so you can be relatively sure that the unit works. The good news is that these units are made to last and stand up against a wide variety of abuses. If you don't notice a problem in the first month chances are you won't have any problems for a long time.

Used vending machines come in all sorts of styles and sizes. Some dispense candy or soda while others offer cigarettes or condoms. Whether you decide that the used route is the way you want to go depends a lot on your personality (and budget). A used vending machine that has been well maintained should give you years of trouble-free service. On the other hand, if you're the kind of person that likes the safety of a warranty or if you need features only available on new machines, then you may have to cough up the extra cash for the latest and greatest model.

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