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Sticker Vending Machines

Popular with kids of all ages, sticker vending machines are springing up everywhere. With a capacity of 2,500 stickers or more, these machines are also becoming popular with vending route operators. With a cost of between $200 - $800 each, these units are not cheap but high profit margins can make them attractive.

Children have always loved stickers and temporary tattoos. By offering sticker vending machines, vendors can cater to this need while offering a product with an exceptionally long shelf-life and high perceived value. Most machines offer sheets of decals which have a specific theme.

What themes are popular in sticker vending machines? How about Shrek, SpongeBob, Dora, and Pokemon to name just a few. Decals with prismatic designs seem to be most popular. By capitalizing on selling stickers featuring the brands kids love the most, vendors can offer a desired product and profit at the same time.

Most sticker vending machines are constructed out of metal and some offer companion candy vending as well. Most commercially available machines are preset to dispense vends at fifty cents.

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