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Soda Vending Machines

You see them everywhere. At the grocery store. At the mall. Along the road at a desolate gas station. They're soda vending machines and they've become almost unavoidable. You can't go anywhere without seeing the machines with their trademark Coca Cola or Pepsi logos.

Soda vending machines have been with us for decades. Collectors prize these older machines for their sleek styling and 1950's feel. In contrast to the new models that dispense aluminum cans, these older models dispensed only glass bottles. Newer models are often significantly larger than their antique counterparts.

Buying a soda vending machine can be tricky if you don't know what you're doing. Many machines for sale at antique shops don't work. If you're looking for a working model make sure you test it before you buy it. Because they're essentially refrigerators, the older models suffer from many problems. If you're looking for a machine that actually works (as opposed to just looking good), then you should seriously consider a newer one (less than ten years old). It may not look as cool but at least you won't have to drink warm soda!

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