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Ice Cream Vending Machines

They're popping up everywhere. Capitalizing on our love for anything relating to the frozen treat, ice cream vending machines offer a large selection of super-cold products in a traditional vending environment. These machines usually offer a wide assortment of frozen desserts from inexpensive popsicles to pricey gourmet fare. Ice cream vending machines are part of the broadening of traditional vendor thinking. There isn't much that can't be offered by a machine.

What's popular? How about Snickers ice cream bars and M&M cookie ice cream sandwiches, to name a couple. Many of these machines can hold 300-450 ice cream novelties making them convenient to keep well-stocked. With a selection of as many as a dozen (or more) items, these ice cream vending machines are rapidly replacing staffed carts in many venues.

How cold are ice cream vending machines? Try -10 to -20 degrees F! These ultra-cold freezers keep the product rock solid and are perfect even for hot locations such as amusement parks and fairs. With standard 110 volt power requirements, these machines are easy to locate without the need for complex wiring changes.

Do you know of a hot location where an ice cream vending machine would perform well? If so, contact your local vending route operator or contact a company on the Internet. If they offer these types of machines, chances are they'll be interested in your idea.

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