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Food Vending Machines

Considered by many to be the way of the future, food vending machines are offering an ever greater selection of food products. From pizza to popcorn, and everything in between, these machines are being placed in very creative places.

The traditional food vending machine found in break rooms, hospitals, and other places where food needs to be available around the clock, contained a wide variety of prepared foods. Mostly consisting of food that can easily be heated by microwave oven, these products need to be changed periodically if they are not sold. Wasted food is an enormous problem. This adds labor costs and expired food must be discarded.

Newer technologies are emerging that is reminiscent of Star Trek or the Jetsons. Food is prepared on request and is always “fresh.” This technology is going to revolutionize food vending machines and will profoundly change how we view vended food products.

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