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DVD Vending Machines

The DVD movie business has skyrocketed in the past five years. More and more people are purchasing home DVD players and the DVD has rapidly replaced the VHS cassette as the media of choice for home entertainment. Is it any wonder that DVD vending machines are gaining in popularity?

Think about it. You're at a local convenience store to pick up a quart (OK, a half gallon) of ice cream and you see a vending machine offering the latest movies. You spot one that you were really hoping to see but didn't get a chance to. The video rental shop is all the way across town and besides, you've accumulated so many late fees that renting isn't even worth it anymore. Would you drop ten or fifteen bucks to buy the movie? Of course you would! That's why DVD vending machines are exploding in popularity.

Many of these new DVD vending machines can hold 150 or more CD's or DVD's making frequent restocking unnecessary. Most take cash and some can even be outfitted with a credit card reader. This would require, of course, that a telephone line be available for real-time authorizations. It's clear that these types of machines are the wave of the future.

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