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Coffee Vending Machines

That smell in the morning can always wake you up even if you've only had two hours of sleep. It's coffee! Whether you need that caffeine kick or you're a “decaf” kind of person, Americans love coffee and espresso. Coffee vending machines have infiltrated offices around the country delivering a fresh brewed (sometimes) cup in under a minute and for a lot less than you'll pay at the local Starbucks.

Are you looking to purchase one or more coffee vending machines? There are some things you should know. As technology improves it seems like there more and more used machines on the market. If you're good at fixing things and the lower cost of used equipment appeals to you, you may want to look into an older model. The new models, however, offer better performance and efficiency and offer a lot more features (and flavors) than those of years past.

While these units can be expensive, the good news is that some vendors will offer financing. If your coffee vending machines are placed in good locations (with lots of coffee drinkers!) you should be able to recover your investment in a reasonable amount of time. In addition, offering other hot drinks for non-coffee drinkers will help you to increase sales by offering more product variety.

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