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Cigarette Vending Machines

Commonplace twenty years ago, today cigarette vending machines have become somewhat of a dinosaur on the vending landscape. Concerns about minors accessing tobacco products has resulted in the near-extinction of these machines. The result has been their strict regulation in most jurisdictions.

Most cigarette vending machines offer an enormous variety of brands and flavors to suit Americans diverse tastes. They usually dispense by the pack and some models accept bills. A typical new machine can cost several thousand dollars, but you can find deals on Internet auction sites.

Most machines manufactured today allow for custom price selection, convertible shelving, and most trays tip for easy servicing. Cigarette vending machines are best located in places where there are unlikely to be any children such as taverns, bars, and clubs. Check with local authorities to make sure these machines are allowed in your area.

New technology is renewing interest in cigarette vending machines. By using age verification schemes such as credit cards, debit cards, or other system, it has become easier to verify the age of purchasers. This has eased concern about minors having access to tobacco products. These techniques will likely result in the increased availability of these machines in the future.

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