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Candy Vending Machines

Admit it. You've pumped your share of quarters (or dollars) into them to get your chocolate fix. Candy vending machines are everywhere you are, always there hawking their goods. With newer machines offering healthier choices, especially for children, watch for these candy vending machines to begin changing their tunes (or at least their menu).

The multi-billion dollar vending industry has relied on America's collective sweet tooth to generate their enormous profits. There is enormous opportunity to cash in on this phenomenon by owning your own machines. There are many businesses that offer complete turn-key packages. Be alert, however, because there are many scams in this industry. Candy vending machines can be large profit centers in the right location.

Most candy vending machines take dollar bills and coins. Some newer machines being tested are accepting debit and even credit cards. As these machines get more sophisticated, their price continues to rise. A quality candy vending machine can cost almost two thousand dollars but there are better deals if you look carefully. Many online auctions offer used and refurbished machines at a significant discount. If you're in the market to purchase one, check your local newspaper or sell and swap guide. Also make sure to call local vending companies to see if they have upgraded to newer models and have older inventory that may not meet their needs but may be fine for yours.

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