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Bulk Vending Machines

We all have our favorite bulk vending machine. For some, it's M&M's. For others it's those hot and spicy peanuts. These machines are everywhere and are big profit centers for their owners who buy their product in for pennies and sell it to us for a quarter (or two).

Bulk vending machines are not as popular today as they were a few years ago. This is due mostly to the fact that people are on-the-go and want to buy products that come in wrappers making them more portable. Sanitary concerns also some to shun this type of vending. This type of machine continues to be in wide use, especially at older venues.

A typical machine will hold a large amount of product and will allow adjustment of the vend volume. Most bulk vending machines accept quarters, but some allow you to change to dimes or nickels. The typical amount of product per vend has decreased over the years as inflation has eaten into vendor profits.

In the market for a bulk vending machine? Remember that it's important to deal with distributors who stand behind the machine. There can be substantive differences in the quality of coin mechanisms and other moving parts. Talk to other people who have owned that type of machine. You don't want to make a significant investment only to have to deal with constant maintenance headaches.

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